Land Line Telephones

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I'd be curious to get all your thoughts on something. I'm 23, recently graduated from college, and I've been using a cell phone exclusively with little or no issues for a while. However, I have recently moved into a basement studio. I'm not sure if it's the basement or the location, but my phone calls have been fading in and out and I've been getting calls dropped. I had a call fading in and out when I was talking to a potential employer the other day. </p>

<p>What I am wondering is could it be worth it to get a land line? It is something that I honestly hadn't considered, but I think that having a clear and reliable phone is important. What would you all recommend looking into? I am looking to save money, but I'm so used to the unlimited nationwide cell phone calling, and getting back into a mindset where it matters where I'm calling should be a bit of a challenge.</p>

<p>If you want cable and internet service, you can probably get all 3 from the cable company for $100 per mo. for first year. It does go up after that. My cable phone, unlimited calls in the us, is now under $20 per month, following intro. The internet is more expensive after 1st yr. and tv depends on what you need (one tv and converter is not too bad.)</p>