<p>Does anyone know roughly what percent of the incoming freshman go on LandSea?</p>


<p>I think about 100.</p>

<p>I meant about 100 students, not 100 percent. Sorry about that.</p>

<p>LOL Thanks for clarifying!</p>

<p>D went last summer. Great opportunity if you can do it. She had instant friends when she returned to campus and still hangs out with many of them. Best to be in fairly good shape, but really doable for most. While she enjoyed the trip, she felt it was too long. However, she is glad she went and encourages others to go.</p>

<p>Many students then join the outdoor club, but D was done after the trip. Not really an outdoors person.</p>

<p>My stepson went many moons ago and he said it was the best thing that he did. He immediately had a core group of friends who shared many of the same interests. He enjoyed the trip and felt that it was a great way to make a transition from home to college. He’s still in touch with a few of his friends from the trip and it was 15 years ago!</p>

Is anyone going summer of 2017? D is still deciding if K is the right school but I am trying to learn as much as possible about her top 3.

@KMich K is very much an option for us, but we are still waiting to hear from ALL schools before making a decision. If enrollment ends up as Kalamazoo, the LandSea program is something we are going to try and make happen.

I’m hoping to convince my son to go. Then we have to see how we will pay for it. May 15 is the aid deadline for it. IIs it up to 100 students now? I thought I read that only 20% of the class go? That’s about 50 to 60. My son can do “outdoors,” but is not a fan of hiking and so on, bugs, getting drenched. I think it sounds like a great bonding and empowering experience.

@Eyquem Did your student end up at K or elsewhere?