language and other requirements amidst recruiting

HI there, I have a question as my rising senior is facing another dreadful year of language, which was delayed by a year due to scheduling, so, as of right now there are only 2 years of language under his belt. As he approaches his upcoming senior year, he has already been offered a couple official visits, and one school has been even more direct and clear about their intentions. With that said, does he have to jump through this last year of language when it is the most painful thing of all? He has all the numbers - AP classes, highest scores -both athletic and academic, GPA, test scores, etc. and it is a matter of whether he needs this one class, or, not. Will the schools really care? When every thing else is in place, including coaches strong support? Also, would he need to do SAT subject test? I know, btw, both of these would be required for the (top) schools he is looking at (were he not being recruited) and is being recruited to, but, at this point in the game, with the support he is getting, does he need to dot these i’s and take these?

The coaches at the schools recruiting him will best be able to answer this question, since it probably varies based on each school’s requirements.

He does need the subject tests - even with coach support, corners won’t be cut to the extent entire requirements will be “forgotten”.

As for foreign language, check each school’s COLLEGE requirement. If he only took two years in high school two years ago, he’ll likely have to start from scratch - and if he finds foreign language in HS hard, he will need to significantly up his game since 2 years of HS will be covered in 4 months. Taking level3 may reduce his college requirement by one semester, which is a godsend when you’re talking 2 1/2 hours of prep a day 4 days a week in a subject you can’t stand.