Language House for a Transfer?

<p>I am transferring into cornell as a junior and applied for the language house. if selected, how much of a time commitment is it? i plan on taking a lot of science classes my first year at cornell and may not take a class in my target labguage (japanese) till fall 2011(although I took an elementary course in it some time ago--i can have a very basic conversation). my concern is that i will need to travel to nyc about once a month (on weekend) for a program and to maintain an authorship. i am interested in learning a new language (or two even), but i don't know how much time i'll have for it considering i'll be taking several hard science courses next semester. any thought or experiences with language house?</p>

<p>bump...on the housing app, i also put down west campus as my 2nd choice, but can you do that? the app doesn't specify on checking both boxes in west campus.</p>

<p>What's your major melonbread91?</p>