Language Placement

<p>Quick Question--Do you have to take the language that you placed into with the online test? I placed into Spanish 105 but would much rather take 101; however, I've heard that I won't receive any credit hours if I take a lower class than my placement score determined. Is this the truth?</p>

<p>Someone asked this question at my CTOPS session. The advisor told us that we needed to sign up for the language level that we placed in to. She also said if you're having trouble after the first day of classes, you can talk to the professor and get moved to another class. She didn't say anything about credit hours.</p>

<p>they told us if you take level 101 of your high school language, you will not get credit for it.</p>

<p>I went ahead and retook the 101 class of my language even though I didn't get credit for it. I needed the review, so it definitely paid off when I had to take 102, 203, and 204!</p>