Language Recommendation Worry

<p>I have been taking spanish in my school since kindergarden, and then i went to high school where i took the proficency and scored decently on it, and then i began to have a problem. What my school does, and i know other schools do to, is they told me that in the 9th grade, if i took the spanish regents and scored an 85 or above on it, that they would award me the credit for next year. (since 10th grade is the grade that you are supposed to take the regents in) so i did that, and scored a 93 on it, the highest out of the grade above me that iwas taking it with. But I wanted to focus my subjects in math and science, because I want to be a neuroscience major in college, and at the time i knew i wanted to do something in math or science. but the only way for me to have the freedom to take the advanced math and science courses was to drop my spanish class. this didnt seem like a problem at the time, but looking over the schools 'recommended credits' it now begins to worry me because i stopped spanish after the 9th grade and only have credits for up till 10th grade. will the colleges see that i made the effort to take the more difficult math and science courses? or will they only see that i dropped spanish in the 10th grade? Should I include this in my essay? its really worrying me....</p>

<p>Just make sure that they don't require 3 years (if you're not receiving credit from 8th grade like most people get, including myself).</p>

<p>There really isn't much you can do about it now. Depending on what you're intended major is and the schools, it may or may not be a problem.</p>