Language requirement?

<p>Ok, so I'm a freshman who took the SAT2 spanish test and got a 520. This score puts me in my 3rd semester of spanish out of a required 4 semesters, but I just sat in on my first class and feel really unprepared. The class is taught entirely in spanish and speaking ability is a large component of our grade, and I have had virtually no speaking or listening practice in my spanish education so far. So, can I drop the spanish class for now and keep taking the SAT2 and hopefully test out, or are you only allowed to place out before you come to UPenn? If I can drop it, I'll only be taking 4 credits out of a possible 5.5, and it seems like most of my fellow whartonites take at least 5. . .so, should I try to take another class (if so, any recommendations?) or should I just take a slightly easier workload for my 1st semester. Thanks for the help.</p>