Language requirements

<p>I took spanish one my freshman year, then skipped spanish 2 (for whatever dumb reasons) and took spanish 3-honors my junior year. I received A's in those classes, but my question is-does this fulfill the requirement for brown/other ivys of three languages. Should I take AP spanish IV or not?</p>

<p>There is no "requirement" of 3 years, but it's probably a good idea unless you have a very compelling reason not to. Colleges supposedly prefer well-rounded students over those who have "concentrated" in high school.</p>

<p>okay thanks, what about in my case though? Since I completed spanish 3?</p>

<p>Taking more classes is generally better than taking less.</p>

<p>Something tells me the college admission websites will have specific guidelines.</p>

<p>3 is usually the minimum, 4 is preferred so I think you should take the AP Spanish.</p>

<p>I think I'm one of those "concentrated" people that Uroogla is talking about. I only took Spanish 1 and 2 and was still able to get into Brown. But to err on the safe side, I would agree with taking more (as Spanish appears to come pretty okay for you and AP credit is nice to have, so hey, why not?) :)</p>

<p>Although, if you're a native speaker, or speak enough outside of class (i'm assuming, probably wrongly, that's why you could skip into spanish 3), you could always take the AP on your own. And that'd show diversity AND you could "focus" yourself elsewhere. But this could also be poor advice, if the admissions officer doesn't see it the same way. But eh, who's to know, so just live life, right?</p>