Language SAT IIs for the non-fluent...

<p>I took the French (without listening) SAT II in October and just got my score today, and it's a 660. It was only the 62nd percentile for the SAT II, so I'm guessing most of the people that take it are fluent, native speakers. I'm definitely not - even though I'm in French 5 - but will that 660 make me look bad? I'm considering a retake in December. </p>

<p>When I signed up, I figured a high 600/low 700 on French would look better than a 750 on Literature, since I already got an 800 on the verbal part of SAT and a 5 on the literature AP. Was that stupid of me?</p>

<p>I think you should've taken the Literature SAT II instead. I think your reasoning was a bit stupid - why go for the lower score? Unless you're deciding between a language SAT II in your native language and another subject, chances are the subjects won't matter (unless the schools you're applying to request specific subjects).</p>