Languages for listing books?

I am listing the books I've read in the past year. The thing is, I speak 4 languages, and read in all 4 of them. I have a bit of room left, and could organize the books by language (i.e. English: [book 1], [book 2], [book 3], etc. German: [book 1], [book 2]... and so on and so forth.)</p>

<p>The reason being that I want to show that I read in different languages, but I feel uncomfortable about just writing the book title in the original language, as it's unlikely that the admissions officer reading my app speaks the exact same 4 languages I do. With this organization, I could indicate what language I read the book in while still translating the title.</p>

<p>Let me know your thoughts.</p>


<p>I think that's a good idea. I listed a couple of Spanish books, but I just blended them in because there were only 2, but if you have 4 languages that would be a good way to organize them. </p>

<p>I did something similar for the last short answer, I had sections for "films" and "exhibits" and whatnot.</p>

<p>Hey rchhay,</p>

<p>thanks for the input! I think you're right, I should probably just continue categorizing by language.</p>