Laptop for Communications Major?

<p>I'll be attending Rutgers University - New Brunswick for communications (possibly for broadcast journalism) and I would like to know what laptop would be most suitable for this. I've tried researching classes I may possibly take but I don't know what features would be required for a laptop in order to complete assignments. I know the main things I would need are the internet and Microsoft Word but is there anything else that I would specifically need or would be helpful for me while at Rutgers? What kind of assignments will I be assigned that need other specific laptop features? Any suggestions and info will be extremely helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>gojack -Hilarious link </p>

<p>Denasea - You might wanna check on a rutger's messageboard for that kind of information. You'd have a much better chance there finding out about specific assignments and needs. Look at the Communications Major page on the Rutgers site. Do they require a certain type of computer? Mac or PC? If so, come back with the specs and i'm 100% sure somebody here will be able to find you a nice computer that meets the requirements of that major.</p>

<p>MacBook Air 13".</p>

<p>Big Cat - thanks, sometimes I just can't stop myself.</p>

<p>Looked through Rutgers University - New Brunswick - communications - no computer suggestions.</p>

<p>Broadcast Journalism - Get a MacBook Pro, Final Cut Pro on a Mac is the standard for broadcast audio and video editing.</p>

<p>A communications major is not worthless so don't post BS links. </p>

<p>And gojack, a communications major doesn't automatically make the person a journalism major...and even then, a journalism major doesn't sit and edit video. You people are all so ignorant. </p>

<p>Video editors usually aren't journalism majors. Also, Final Cut is no longer "the standard" with the recent release of Final Cut X.</p>

<p>-Clearly any higher education is better then none, but smile, have a sense of humor, and realize that a communications major is a nice addition to a marketing, economics, law, language, political science major etc., But as a stand-alone major it could fall in the "would you like fries with that" category</p>

<p>-- go to and search for jobs that the hiring requirement is a BA in communications.</p>

<p>-Poster said "possibly for broadcast journalism"</p>

<p>-Final Cut X has been poorly received and not being adopted by pros - Final</a> Cut Pro X Reviews Are Scathing Thus Far</p>

<li>A journalism major should take a class or two in A/V editing, to understand the process. The days of huge crews is coming to an end, teams or solo reporting are becoming commonplace.</li>

<p>BTW; The Daily Beast's Most useless degree? Journalism.</p>


<p>"You people are all so ignorant."</p>

<p>You are correct, I am ignorant.
I started at a public access station in 1976 and then to a local paper in 1981 and after 30+ yrs of Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising, Direct Mail, Corporate Communications and finally website design... I still cannot believe the rate of change in the entire industry in the last 10 yrs or so, it is getting increasing fragmented and hard to keep up with.
Big change from cutting and taping video tape ;></p>