Laptop for Fashion Merchandising

<p>We are trying to decide between a MacBook Pro 15 inch and a Dell 15 inch. I would like this computer to last the four years, if possible. </p>

<p>Can anyone in the program offer a suggestion as to which type of computer would be best? Are there any programs specific to fashion merchandising that require one or the other?
I realize that in the entry level freshman classes the choice of computer may not make a difference, but in the upper level courses are there specific programs used that require one or the other?</p>

<p>My daughter really wants a Mac but I need to be practical.</p>

<p>I would appreciate any suggestions.</p>

<p>we were in the same boat last year. D had to have a mac. She would not consider anything else, haha. as it turned out we had to put all the microsoft software on the mac because some of her classes required specific projects using the mocrosoft software (this was not a big deal and I believe under $100). Although I know nothing about the fashion merchandising program and its requirements, I can tell you that whatever was required that D would have needed a PC for was covered by adding the microsoft software to the mac. Also, D's friend who is in the music department which had their own requirements (I believe one was specific software and one was the size of the screen) however, she too purchased a mac which was fine. What I might do is just send an email to the department and see if they have any requirements (ie size of screen) and either computer should be fine.</p>

<p>Lucky thanks for the quick response. I actually did contact the department and the administrator gave me the name and email for one of the professors. We plan to send an email today to get more information.</p>

<p>By the way, how was your D's first year? Did she like it? Do you have any advice for us? We are just beginning to shop for what she may need. The list seems daunting and I keep wondering if she really needs all this stuff.</p>

<p>I would appreciate any insight you have regarding the first year.</p>