laptop in orientation

<p>should i bring a laptop to the orientation? Did anyone bring it? Do we need it? thanks</p>

<p>It's useful for looking up classes anywhere you want to and seeing the available slots in real time. Without it you'd have to find a lab.</p>

<p>You'll be switching it off come enrollment time though, to be fair to the other orientation groups. Your OC will have two laptops, everyone will have to take turns in using them.</p>

<p>It's not too hard to get by without a laptop. Although I went to 101 when it wasn't as challenging to find open courses.</p>

<p>That was 101. Im from 103 and my friend who didnt' have a laptop had the most difficult time choosing classes. He was going to go "borrow" a computer from the computer lab and there was a waiting list for using those. Since he couldn't use a computer then, he had to physically find all the classes available in covel commons. Basically there are 10 feet long paper stacked from the ceiling to the floor on the wall and you have to tippy toe or crouch low to find classes and discussions...BASICALLY bring your laptop. I brought mine and I definitely had no regrets. I appreciated it</p>

<p>Take it with you, but leave it in your (orientation) dormroom.</p>