Laptop Program

<p>Heard a lot about the UMD laptop program, but they dont let you see the prices online. Anyone care to give some insight? I want to get a new Macbook pro but i might end up at umd so is it worth the wait?</p>

<p>Dell Computers: ~$1500
Apple Computers: ~$1300</p>

<p>Apple computers are pretty much their regular price minus $50. </p>

<p>Dell computers are more expensive, but they come with most of the software you'll need (mainly MS Office). They also have what my friends call "Frisbee insurance." That means you can pretty much beat the crap out of them and as long as you don't tell Maryland "I did this on purpose," they'll repair it for free!</p>

<p>so is it worth the wait</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you'll get a good deal on a laptop no matter what school you go to. $50 on a laptop isn't really that big a deal. If you want it now, go find a good deal and get one now. I think the reason people don't get laptops until they come here (or right before they come here) is because they just never had a need for a laptop before.</p>