Laptop recommendations for an Engineering major: No macbook?

<p>Hi, I'd really appreciate some good suggestions for laptops, I'm a really techie person and wouldn't mind spending around $2000 if it had some good ram, processors, and memory in it. I was also wondering if a macbook would be a bad idea, since i might be doing computer science sort of things.</p>

<p>i think any laptop is fine for engineering, you would be good to go with a macbook if you are doing EECS, otherwise, i’d recommend installing bootcamp or parallels</p>

<p>sager would also be great if you needed a hardcore laptop =D</p>

<p>Wait don’t you mean I’d be good without a macbook if i was going into EECS? I’m currently a declared Mechanical Engineering major but am now between that and EECS so I’m not sure yet.</p>

<p>lol what i mean is: a PC is fine for all types of engineering, but you would be fine with Mac OS X or Win7 if you were doing EECS, if you were doing other types of engineering, you’re fine with a mac but it would be better to install parallels sorry about that</p>

<p>Many of the CS courses use Unix or Linux based instructional computers; having such an OS on your own computer may be helpful in doing the programming assignments without needing to ssh to the instructional computers.</p>