Laptops at BS

hi so a quick story:

my macbook broke last month and my dad sent it to the apple store last week. they called him today, saying they would need to add extra stuff to fix it (idk anything abt technology don’t ask me) and the price went from $600 to $1000. a COMPLETELY NEW MACBOOK IS ONLY $900 or something. i also know that a lot of schools don’t allow you to bring in your own laptop, so i won’t be buying one yet just in case.

i was wondering if any BSs provide laptops for the students? if i get in a school that does i won’t be fixing my laptop lol

thank you in advance!

(sorry if this is poorly written im so busy and i need to send it out real quick)

Hotchkiss provides a Macbook Pro for all of its students (I think it’s free, but I’m not sure cause I’m a financial aid applicant)

great, thanks! best of luck to you and everyone else applying!

Also! I think Choate supplies a tablet (iPad?) and Deerfield provides a MacBook (Air?)

Yes, Choate provides an IPad Pro and Deerfield provides a MacBook Pro (not Air).

Furthermore, some schools like Exeter, for example, give a stipend to every new student requiring FA, in order to buy a new computer of their own choice.

yes, many BS provide laptops. They want to be able to control the computers and have the ability to fix them so they want student technology to be uniform.

Yes, and they don’t want disparities in cost of equipment between families worth billions and families on financial aid. It’s a level playing field, and there isn’t an advantage based on your family’s finances.