Laptops at Orientaton????

<p>Hey so my brother went to UMass and they had like a stand to buy Mac Laptops at orientation. Does Delaware have this? Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Apple had a table, with information 2 years ago. I doubt they were taking orders on the spot though.</p>

<p>Last year the Apple table just gave out handouts about getting the college discount and the recommended configurations.</p>

<p>If you want to buy a Mac, they'll tell you to go the Apple Store at the Christiana Mall once your child gets their UD card (which will allow you to get the discounted price). Then you can get the machine and save on sales tax that you'd have to pay if you ordered it and had it shipped to your house. (assuming you don't live in Delaware). Tax free shopping in Delaware, gotta love it!</p>

<p>BTW you really should have titled this thread Buying (or ordering) laptops at orientation. I thought you were asking about bringing a machine with you.</p>