Laptops in the bookstore???

<p>Does the UD Bookstore sell or have any laptop package deals? Most colleges and universities do but I can't find any mention at all of laptops or computers being sold there.</p>

<p>I know you can get similar deals through Apple and Dell directely, but at other schools if you buy through the bookstore they will set up, and repair at the computer shop on premises which can be a great advantage rather than shipping them out to the manufacturer.</p>

<p>They do, Im pretty sure around June 1st or at orientation (not sure which one) we get information about it.</p>

<p>Here's something interesting I discovered today:</p>

<p>the University of Delaware Board of Trustees have announced that a new bookstore opening this fall will include an Apple store. The board provided no details, and it’s not clear if the store will be a full-size, full-service company store or a smaller campus-style, reseller store. Insiders say Apple had plans to locate several of its mini-stores on college campuses back in 2006, but for some reason the entire mini-store concept went dormant. Last year the University of Delaware extended its contract with Barnes & Noble for 15 years, and allowed them to demolish several campus buildings along East Main Street. The project will include a new 60,000 square-foot bookstore, a Starbucks and other concessions. At its meeting yesterday, the university’s board said the new B&N bookstore will open August 30th, but didn’t say if the Apple store would open at the same time. Apple already has a campus-style store at UofD, and a full-size store at the Christiana Mall, about six miles away. The latter store draws customers from a wide region, since Delaware has no sales tax.</p>

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<p>I'm still unclear. Does UD's bookstore sell PC's (non-Apple)? Where is the bookstore? At the April 9 decision day, we visited the Perkins store for tee-shirts and saw no textbooks or computers. Has anyone determined whether UD's prices are better than just going out and buying a PC on your own?</p>

<p>Info on discounted computer purchases is available at UD's Information Technologies Website at "". Click on the top left "Getting Started". UD has arrangements with several computer companies (Apple, Dell, etc.) where you can purchase computers at a reduced rate. You will need to have your UD NetID to utilize this service (This usually is set up at NSO). My D purchased a computer thru this system and a 4 year warranty was built into the price (very reasonable). If there are problems you can just take the computer to the UD Computer Center to get it fixed. My D graduated last year but I suspect similar deals are still available. Hope this info helps.</p>