Large freshman class coming in

My now sophomore Eckerd guy tells me there’s a large freshman class coming in this summer/fall. Just wondering if anyone on here will be part of it…

My D will :slight_smile:

Another one here! Can’t wait

Glad to hear it! My guy is home now (for summer) but definitely enjoys it there. I asked him if he thinks he picked the right school for himself, and without hesitation he said, “definitely!”

@ Creekland, did your son hear a number for the new class? My daughter spent her summer on campus but so busy working in the lab, she never comes up for air. Her brother is considering EC but considers its small size a bit of a drawback.

He doesn’t know, but he might be able to find out. He’s sent a message asking.

My D just started Autumn term. Admin said Eckerd has 540 incoming students (40 are transfer students)