Large School International Relations/Affairs Programs Recommendations??

My junior daughter is planning to major in International Relations/Affairs with minor in creative writing. She wants the big school experience, but we did visit American and GW for perspective and the quality of their programs. (All other visits were cancelled.) Her big school list in no particular order is UCLA (reach), Michigan (reach), Ohio State, Penn St. and Maryland. (She is bullish on OSU program and school spirit.) We live in NJ and know getting into some schools like UVA and UNC out of state is very difficult. Looking to expand her list. Starting to read some good things about Indiana and Florida St programs. Any recommendations on large schools with strong International Relations/Affairs program would be greatly appreciated, as well as, anyone with perspective OSU, PSU and MD programs. Thanks in advance!

Hopefully you’re considering AU, but if you want any further info, just let me know!

Yes, she liked American a lot. She is also looking for a college with a lot of school spirit, football, etc, which is why she has targeted larger schools. But American is probably the only school right now - in her mind - that will override those attributes.