Last 60 credits?

<p>I realize that this may vary by school, but I was wondering...</p>

<p>I'm planning on submitting my applications for grad school in the winter of my senior year (probably around the end of first semester). When a school asks what my GPA was for the last 60 credits, how would I count that? Would I give my GPA for the last 60 credits I completed<a href="i.e.,%20approximately%20last%20semester%20of%20sophomore%20year%20through%20first%20semester%20of%20senior%20year">/I</a>? Or would I give my GPA for what I have done out of the last 60 *total credits (just junior and senior year), with the obvious assumptions that they aren't all completed yet? </p>

<p>I don't know that it would make a huge difference either way, but I was just wondering.</p>

<p>You give your GPA for the 60 units already completed.</p>