last advice thread from me..sorry! what should i do about an F in a prereq?

<p>As you probably remember, I'm not doing so well in the sciences. I am planning to double major, I PLANNED to, but I got an F in my physics 8b class. Should I retake it over the summer or just forget about IB? I can take the prereqs all over when i graduate or while i'm an undergrad at a community college so that I can have an after life (after undergrad lol). idk if that makes sense...but anyway, which option should i choose? plan my life for me please!</p>

<li>Double Major - retake physics in the summer, and start upper divs. </li>
<li>Single Major - forget about retaking it even though it'll be hard on the gpa (or retake it for the gpa and then still single major)</li>

<p>er, how did you get an F? did you put in effort? or the material just didn't come to you? I would say that you could get a C- without putting in effort...i'm not sure how an F is possible. not trying to be rude, but just really wondering.</p>

<p>anyway, retake it. an F doesn't look good anywhere. but i wouldn't recommend double major, if IB is hard enough for you.</p>

<p>Relax dude. There are people who sincerely put in effort for a class and fail. Some courses here are hard. You can't just accuse the OP like that without knowing his or her specific circumstances.</p>

<p>But we should know the circumstances because they would definitely help decide whether or not to double in the major that requires physics.</p>

<p>I didn't mean it like that, i'm sorry. But, I think you should switch majors..unless it is too late at this point? Do you want a biology degree? There aren't that many career opportunities for it, unless you go to medical school.</p>

<p>lol it's okay. I'm not offended. But umm well I did put in effort from the beginning, I did all of the homeworks online and I worked them out and stuff, read the book, and then the midterms came and I was literally sitting there thinking .w..t.f. idk it just looked like i was taking a spanish test for a french class. And then I emailed the teacher about passing and he said he doesn't think it's likely and so I didn't take the final lol..but I thought I could drop the course (long story) and now it's on my record for good. But it's fine. I suppose. </p>

<p>I should probably retake it to bring the gpa up right? I don't even think I'm going to use a bio degree, and if I do use any science classes for the future, I'll have to retake most of them because I got C's in most and i'm not going anywhere with those grades. I just want it for the diploma really lol and when I get married, people will ask my parents what I studied probably...(cultural thing)</p>

<p>Uhm, okay. I definitely think you should retake the class. In fact, retake all classes for your major that you did not get a B and above on. If you just want the Berkeley degree, though... just don't flunk out (although such a mindset is pretty unhealthy, imho).</p>

<p>Sorry if I'm not much help, but do try and pull up your GPA! (:</p>

<p>haha what do you mean flunk out? I've passed all of my classes except this.. (that's not meant to be sarcastic or rude, i'm just asking for my own knowledge)</p>