Last Chance- Business Top B Schools (T20 with a 29 ACT)

<p>Hey, a senior at a private (Catholic) High School in Southern California. I'm primarily focusing on business schools that have good undergraduate programs, and I'm also hoping to attend a school under $15,000 a year, ideally under $10,000 (Income is around $40,000). I'm applying for A LOT of financial aid, and possibly a small amount of merit if possible, so all my choices are cost effective. The schools are broken up into most difficult to least difficult, and it's pretty much in order of my preference. </p>

-Essays are very good and reflect my passion; They were well written and witty in certain essays.
-Recs are both very good, and I have a great relationship with my counselor who highlighted many of my substantial attributes.
-Single Mother with a brother in college, father passed away.
-Income of <$45,000</p>


<p>-ACT: 29
-English: 35, Math: 30, Reading: 27, Science: 24, Essay: 9 on 2nd, 3rd hasn't been posted yet (Highest in each section, but my composite was also a 29 in my 3rd sitting).
-Chemistry SAT II: 680</p>

<p>Tougher Schools
1.) Boston College
2.) University of Richmond
3.) Emory (Highest reach, is it worth it?)
4.) USC
5.) Wake Forest</p>

<p>Target Schools
6.) SMU (Southern Methodist)
7.) USD (Brother goes there)
8.) Syracuse University
9.) Cal Poly SLO</p>

Freshman: 3.5 GPA/ 3.8 GPA
Algebra 1A- A-/A
Biology- B+/B
Catholic Faith- B+/A-
English 1- B+/A-
Spanish 1- A/A-
Speech Com/P.E.- A-/A</p>

<p>Sophomore: 4.0 GPA/ 3.8 GPA
Chemistry- A-/A-
English 2- A-/A-
Geometry- A/A
Scripture- A/A
Spanish 2- A-/A-
World History- A/B+</p>

<p>Junior: 4.33 GPA/ 4.33 GPA
AP Chemistry- A-/B+
AP Envi Science- A/A-
Campus Ministry Liturgy- A/A+
English 3- A/A
Pre-Calc (Honors)- B/A-
US History A/A-</p>

<p>Senior: Expecting over a 4.0
AP Physics-
AP Calc (AB)-
Advanced Brit Lit-
AP Gov/AP Econ-
Campus Ministry Retreat-
Multimedia (forced to choose an elective)-</p>

<p>Weighted GPA (9-12): 3.97
Unweighted GPA (9-12): 3.81
Weighted GPA (10-12): 4.13
Unweighted GPA (10-12): 3.88
Class Rank: 74/413 (17.9%)</p>

-Played soccer my entire life, I'll be putting 13 years down.
-Competitive travel soccer since 3rd grade, JV 9th, Varsity 10th-12th (12th captain)
-Received a Varsity Athletic Award, and got the "Most Improved Award" as I recovered from an injury that could have taken my leg. I had a bone cyst in my femur (hip region) that was basically liquefied bone, and if my femur had broken at that point I probably would have lost my leg. After recovering from the injury I grew as a person and became a better player than ever.
-Very interested in Business and market activity, and I've been an independent stock trader for years.
-Spent a week living with the owner of the popular blog directed towards lawyers "TheCorporateCouncil." I learned about the many strategies taken in the stock market, researching skills, and attended his summer program and shadowed him.
-I interned at an Accounting Firm.
-NHS Member (10-12) Tutoring Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra, etc.
-Member of the Business Club at my school (9), President of it (10-12) where I educate the members on the stock market trends, popular stocks, and strategies.
-Member of the Science and Engineering Club
-Participated in the JETS Science competition representing my school and we placed in the top 30% of the nation.
-Volunteered 3 separate summers to lead a Vacation Bible School event at my previous middle school (20+ hours each year).</p>

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<p>please, anybody?</p>

<p>You only took 2 years of Spanish (like me), thus making you in eligible for Cal Poly SLO.</p>

<p>1st. that school is last on my list, i see no point in even applying there.
2nd. (From College Board"
"High School diploma required, GED accepted</p>

<p>Required units: 15 total
Electives 1
English 4
Foreign Language 2"</p>