Last Chance Please

<p>I go to a school in the heart of Wall Street, NY. The concentration and emphasis is on Economics and Finance. I am a rising Senior and there aren't many kids in my grade. My school sends kids to some noteable schools (Cornell, Columbia, John Jay)</p>

<p>Race/Gender: African American/Male
EFC: 0; Low Income
90 GPA
Rank: 21/121 Top 15%</p>

<p>Standardized Tests:
SAT I: CR (460); M (550); W (470) 1010/1480
SAT II: Bio E (470); History (560)
ACT: 20
I plan to retake both. </p>

-Honors Global and Honors English - Sophomore Year
-AP US History, AP English Comp, AP Biology - Junior Year
-AP English Literature, AP European History - Senior Year
*Scores come in 2 weeks</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP English Literature
AP European History
Physics/Gym (Paired)
College Writing
Banking and Credit/International Business (Each is 1 semester)</p>

100 Hours Community Service (9)
120 Hours Unpaid Internship (10)
Member if Academy of Finance (11)
Internship at Deutsche Bank (11)
Member of National Honors Society (11)
Member of LPP (11)
SAT Kaplan Prep Courses (11)
Quality of Life participant; Borough of Manhattan Finalist (10)
Downtown After 3 - Computer Lab (9)
Yearbook (12 - anticipated)</p>

<p>College List (Updated):
Amherst College
Cornell University
Trinity College
Swarthmore College

<p>You REALLY need to apply to some safeties, cause I honestly think you're gonna get denied by all of the colleges you've listed. And btw, 21/121 is NOT top 15%. learn how to divide.</p>

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<p>Yeah because Im only going to apply to 5 schools with a 1480 SAT score. Dumbass. </p>

<p>This obviously isn't my final list genious.</p>

<p>Tis is wonderful! G'luck to you sonny boy!</p>

<p>You need to bring up your standardized test scores if you want to apply to your reach schools. With your current scores and GPA and I don't think you will be accepted to any of your five reach schools. Also if you want to major in economics and finance being in pre-calc senior year won't really look good to colleges.</p>


<p>That post didn't help beatfreaks - at all.</p>

Work on that SAT score. Of course, applying HEOP will give you a huge advantage. Cornell - HEOP and Columbia.</p>

<p>Assuming you pull up your SAT scores and hit at least 1900+, here are your chances.</p>

<p>Amherst College -Reach
Cornell University - If you apply HEOP, low reach.
Trinity College - Low match.
Swarthmore College - Reach
UChicago - High Reach</p>

<p>UChicago is extremely competitive.

<p>Your stats are good though, just work on those scores then you'll be a BALLAH!</p>

<p>beatfreaks - you shouldn't call abcdegsds a dumbass when you're sitting here with a 1480 and a 20. No offense. And unless you raise your SAT by 500 to 600 points, then there is absolutely no reason for you to apply to those schools. It will be a complete waste of your money. I hate to be blunt, but there is absolutey no reason for you to apply to those schools, especially Cornell and UChicago.</p>

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<p>I have to agree... Even with URM status there is no way you can get into those schools with a 1480 (this is what most students applying to the same school have just from their math and cr sections). Also, a kaplan prep course does not count as an EC. And if you're not even in the top 15% of your class, unless you attend a really, really, really strong school that sends the top 20% to these kinds of schools then I don't think it would be possible even with higher SATs</p>

<p>Im applying to Cornell HEOP friend. If you don't know what HEOP is, look it up. =D. </p>

<p>And SAT/ACT arent tests that measure how smart one is, so like I said, he's a dumbass.</p>

<p>And thanks for the input all. =D</p>

<p>Standardized tests can't measure how smart you are, but they can measure how dumb you are.</p>

<p>You would know. =D</p>

<p>Well, that wasn't very nice, beatfreaks.</p>

<p>Contrary! Im nice like ice! =D</p>


<p>What you implied in your post wasn't exactly "nice" either.</p>

<p>Miss Murder, don't you have an AFI EP to smoke to or something?</p>

<p>No, not really.</p>

<p>But you could get a life and stop trolling forums. Or go study for your SATs.</p>


<p>In what way is this trolling? I'm giving my input. In case you weren't paying attention to the thread, that's what he was asking for. People's input.</p>

<p>Right. And you're arguing with me.</p>

<p>And you really didn't provide any means of input.</p>

<p>Well, mega-scoiety, that wasn't very nice. =[</p>

<p>And it's not worth it miss_murder, they're probably just bitter because no colleges want them. Haha</p>


<p>You're a ballah. That's all that matters.</p>