Last chance request - slightly updated stats here

<p>I am applying to Stern for EDII. I know my chances aren't too spectacular. I do have some grades and updates to my rank from last year based on this first quarter.</p>

<p>I've grown to accept that I probably won't get into these top B schools, but I think the feedback (good or bad towards my direction) makes me feel happy inside even if it's a "no chance" for some strange reason. Self assurance I guess, but I know I'll find my place.</p>

<p>My class rank rose 100 people - I am now top 24%. Bad, I know, but I consider it a miracle because I was bottom 50 (close to 75%) at the end of my freshman year due to my father's passing away and responsibilities at home (no family in America, mother had two surgeries, etc). I try not to touch on this in the essay too much, just a short 3-4 sentences to "set the scene."</p>

<p>My main extracurricular would be my business, which I own and manage myself. I have another guy who is my partner, he does the programming aspect of the jobs. I manage all the finance aspects as well as private credit/investment consultations. I also love marketing...I helped a client, for example, get his YouTube channel to 110,000,000 views and counting (all using realistic methods of analytic marketing). Alongside this, we have our first internal project coming soon in Q1 2012 and that is patent-pending here in the US. The company is five figure but is expected to rise significantly as we enter the new year. I love business, I love trading, and I want to do it for a living. I know NYU has the tools to help me succeed - and it's what I'm applying to ED2 (ED1 won't show my grades, I was about 40% rank at the end of junior year).</p>

<p>My grades are as follows: 86.02 UW, 91.02 W (we don't weigh honors classes at all for rank and grade calculations)
My grades from senior year alone were all high A's (100% in AP Bio)
I am taking Calc II and III (next semester) at a community college, my Calc II grade is a 4.0 (93% roughly)
SAT: 2100 exact - 680 CR, 720 M, 700 W
SATII: 750 Math II, 700 Chemistry</p>

<p>My recommendations are really flawless. My GC knows my situation and my AP Bio teacher wrote me an amazing rec - she has an amazing field experience (worked at MIT, UPenn Hospital, etc.) before teaching and has a PhD. It's a really good recommendation. My other one is good too, but I haven't had an idea of it - it is good too, as I did well in the class (95%) last year and I think the teacher liked me :P.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, and I (promise) this is the last one :). App submitted already. February 15...waiting for denial :(</p>