Last chance to chance me plz!

<p>I applied ED 2 to CAS </p>

GPA 5.1 weighted, 3.5 unweighted
ACT: 28
Community service: 651 hours
Top 10% at extremely rigorous high school in South Florida (I am Hispanic)
SAT 2s: 700 in U.S. History and 780 in Spanish</p>

<p>Have taken only honors and AP courses in high school- AP Human Geo (4), AP Art History (4), AP English Language (4) AP US History (5), AP Psych (5), AP English Lit (Pending), AP World History (Pending), AP Macroeconomics (Pending), and AP U.S. Gov (Pending)</p>

Have been part of our prestigious school newspaper for all my four years of high school. Was a staff writer, then news editor and now Editor-in-Chief
I intern for the Miami Herald and have published stories
Volunteered for a political campaign
English Honors Society President
Social Studies Honors Society VP
Class of 2012 Executive Board Member
Invisible Children Chapter President
Quill and Scroll Journalism Honors Society VP
Newspaper- Editor in Chief
Model UN and NHS member
Organized a film screening for Invisible Children's latest film. Over 300 people attended the event at my school. </p>

Young Emerging Journalist of the Year Award for the state of Florida (sophomore)
PTSA Book Award presented by my school (11)
National Scholastic Press Association Honor Roll (all 4 years)
AP scholar with distinction (11) </p>

<p>I am probably missing some things. But I am freaking out and just want a quick chance. I look for complete honesty but I don't want to hear any responses like "only people with 1600s and 4.0s get in."</p>

<p>Thank you :)</p>

I wish I could answer your question but honestly I don't know how much of a boost being Latino is at NYU. I'm Latino too and I have found very little about the subject. That said your GPA and ACT are a bit low I think you're in the 25th is in ACT and maybe a tad lower than 50th for GPA. That said your EC's are great so I think you have a really good shot.</p>

<p>You'll find out tomorrow,relaxx</p>

<p>easier said than done. thanks though :) </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>