Last Chance

<p>This coming October is my third and final time I'm taking the SAT. Any tips on how to get those points to put you in the 2000+ range? I've taken countless SAT courses, but still can't keep my Math and Critical Reading scores consistent. Math is my most problem area and sentence completions just kill my overall CR score. I don't have much trouble with the Writing, just a few careless mistakes. </p>

<p>March 2010
W-590 essay-8 </p>

<p>June 2010
W-720 essay-10</p>

<p>90% of SAT essays with 400 words or more got a perfect score of 12, according to a study done on the test last year. If your essay fills up both pages entirely with relatively small handwriting, and you have strong examples, impressive vocabulary, and the like, you're most likely going to get a 12 on the essay.</p>

<p>But the real problem here is CR and M. Math, thankfully, can be prepared for. Buy the Barron's book on the SAT I Math section (or Kaplan). Do problems, memorize rules. It'll help, but not significantly unless you put in some real effort (and by real effort I don't mean 30 minutes per week). Critical reading, unfortunately, is very difficult to raise if you're not an avid reader. I would try reading magazine articles (like in TIME or the Wall Street Journal) and taking practice tests (buy the Official SAT Study Guide: it has ten full-length practice tests).</p>

<p>Your writing score will most likely improve again, even if by a little. Your math score will improve by at least 50 points, maybe more, if you put in some serious preparation. Your critical reading score will be hardest to raise, but if you start reading more and get familiarized with the test content, it should give you a slight boost if not a larger one.</p>

<p>Hope all this has helped... best of luck!</p>

<p>For CR, try to find answers directly from the passage. Concrete references from the passage (that aren't unrelated to the question) tend to be the correct answer.</p>