Last minute ACT prep.. Help please..

<p>So, the ACT is Saturday.. And, I have a last minute strategy question and, would love some of CC's opions on what you all do. I want to try this out on a/some practice test(s) before then..
To people with a good reading score: Do you read the passage first or go straight to the questions and, look back for the answers? I am not sure which strategy I should use. I get about the same score both ways. (But I need to improve) My problem is that when I read the passage I don't comprehend it and, if I just go straight to the questions I have a problem with not knowing what the passage is about.</p>

<p>Never go straight to the questions.</p>

<p>Work on your reading comprehension.</p>

<p>Ok I will try.. It's just hard for me to finish in time.. That is my main struggle.</p>

<p>Don't go straight to the questions. Some of the questions are so specific, you will probably miss it if you look through the passage without reading it first (because you have little time and are under pressure).</p>

<p>Thanks guys this really helps.. Cortana431 I understand what your talking about... I have felt this way..</p>

<p>Maybe you should try working backwards if you find yourself pressed for time? In my experience, the prose fiction usually took up the majority of the allotted time. I found myself finishing with a few minutes to spare when I worked from the relatively more straightforward sections of Natural Science, Humanities, etc.</p>

<p>What exactly do you mean by working backwards??</p>

<p>^I think he means by starting with the last passage, rather than the first passage.</p>

<p>That can work, depending on what kind of reader you are. For me, the Natural sciences and Social studies passages went pretty fast for me simply because I'm a more math/science oriented student and thinker.</p>

<p>cortana432: Thanks I am the same way that you are.. It is easier for me to find the FACTS than, the fiction passages..</p>