Last Minute AP Lang/Comp Tips

<p>So who else is taking AP Lang?? Was wondering if anyone that already took the test could give us some tips for tomorrow. The MC is based on your ability, so there's really nothing there to dissect there, but how about some help for the essays? </p>

<p>Any killer openings to start with for the argument or synthesis?
Any effective, generic lines that integrate well for certain essays?</p>

<p>If anyone could share their experience or any help it would be greatly appreciated!!</p>

<p>Lie and use anectdotes/personal experiences for assertions or use examples from literature and history. Try to make your essay stand out and assert something out of the mainstream. Humor is good, I'm guessing.</p>

<p>Answer the prompt. This is easier said than done.</p>

<p>^^ Yes, I will try to make that one of my goals -_-</p>