Last minute Bay Area transportation question

My S is flying into SFO this afternoon. His first flight to Oakland was cancelled and he is going to obviously have to make different travel arrangements to reach his destination. He is trying to get from San Francisco airport to Vacaville.
One option is I think to take BArt to Walnut Creek and get picked up. My D would prefer to not have to drive to get him with the traffic and rain.
My D thinks he could take Bart to Amtrak. Any experience with this would be appreciated.

Hi, he can definitely take BART directly from SFO to Walnut Creek (it’s the “Pittsburg/Bay Point/Antioch” line–the yellow line).
He can also take BART to Richmond and get the AMTRAK there to Vacaville. To get to Richmond on BART from SFO I believe he’ll have to transfer BART lines when he gets to Oakland.

Seems like the most direct way would be to take BART from SFO to Concord, getting off at Pleasant Hill. From there, there’s a Blue bus downstairs to Vacaville. can tell you what public transit options there will be at whatever time of day.

For today, that web site lists the latest departure from SFO airport to get to Vacaville on public transit (BART plus bus) at 6:03pm. If he leaves SFO airport later than that, he may want to ride BART to the Pleasant Hill station (on the Antioch line) and get picked up there.

FYI, traffic is nuts today with all the rain. If he can avoid buses and stick to BART and Amtrak it will be much more pleasant. There’s nothing I like more than being on Amtrak, zipping past all the traffic I see on 80 :smiley:

Thank you for all the great help.
@crknwk2000 exactly why she doesn’t want to drive and get him in Walnut Creek.
@ucbalumnus great link can show you Amtrak schedules from RIC (Richmond) to FFV (Fairfield - Vacaville). Looks like the latest one tonight departs RIC at 10:28pm. Obviously, he needs to get from SFO airport to there by BART.

To get from SFO airport to Richmond to take Amtrak, he needs to get on a BART train heading to Antioch. At 19th Street Oakland, he gets off and gets on a Richmond BART train. The Amtrak station is next to the BART station at Richmond. can show you BART schedules and fares.

Thanks everyone. He is taking Bart to Richmond and Amtrak.

Our rainy weather has stopped until about 9PM tonight however very windy!

The rain is really treacherous today. Everyone drive safely out there!

Thank you everyone. He has reached his destination.

Hope he has a good time! Rain in the forecast through Sunday. No wind at the moment but it’s coming. I live 2 miles from the Walnut Creek BART station. Currently still under construction with a 2nd parking structure being built. Our station isn’t quite as user-friendly as it normally is.