last minute chance for deferred

<p>Vietnamese female from California
high school: not competitive, only 1-2 kids go to Stanford each year in terms of prestigious colleges; this year, I'm hoping I'm one of them ;)
major: biochemistry</p>

<p>GPA: 3.977/4.0, 4.5/5 (rank 5/670, top <1%)
SAT: 800M/680CR/720W (2200 composite)
PSAT: 221 - National Merit Finalist
SAT IIs: Math2: 800, Chem: 740</p>

<p>Currently taking 4 APs (Biology, Statistics, US Government, English Lit). total taken: 8 (took every AP offered but spanish, art, and physics; taking the most rigorous schedule)
AP: Calc BC-5, Chemistry-5, World History-4, US History-3</p>

<p>Deferred for EA </p>

-Varsity swimming for 3 years (freshman-junior year)
-revived moribund JSA chapter: president for 2 years (junior-senior) - became one of the fastest growing and most active clubs on campus; attended numerous regional conventions
-Interact (community service club) for 4 years: officer for 2 years, currently VP - did a bunch of fundraisers for International Projects and did 150+ hours of community service
-school newspaper staff: was Asst. Editor junior year, currently News Editor (2nd highest position after Editor in Chief)
-school orchestra for 2 years: concertmaster (1st chair violinist)
-part of renowned local youth symphony for 2 years: toured Eastern Europe in summer of 2007
-CSF for 4 years
-13 years of piano (numerous awards, but nothing groundbreaking)
-12 years of violin </p>

<p>recs: great
essays: good, but not the best :(</p>

<p>other awards: ap scholar with honor, various local leadership awards and scholarships</p>

<p>Although I do a lot of different things, nothing really stands out so I'm starting to lose faith in the dream of Stanford. The scary thing is that after being deferred, I got my first and only B first semester. Stupid AP Lit, I had the highest B+, but teacher doesn't round!</p>

<p>sigh yeah you seem kinda like me
i got deferrred too and i have basically the same stuff as you. no international recognition or awards..but just an all around good student.</p>

<p>good luck. im losing faith too.</p>

<p>eh don't lose faith guys! i got deferred EA w/ some of the same stats. We have a few more days to wait - I think we still have a chance :D</p>