last minute chance for my son

<p>I am one of those anxious moms....</p>

<p>Here are the stats:
GPA: UF academic weighted gpa 3.8 end of junior year( 3.95 after senior year first semester)
SAT: 2070(R 690 M 770 W 600)
Credits: 27 academic credits all hons and higher except spanish 1 and 2
AP: 6 (passed all 3 or 4)
Dual enrollment: 8 at UCF (senior year early admit) 4 courses in fall 1 B, 3 As, 4 in spring
Work:Summer Paid Internship(Army) at university lab
Research:Unpaid research experience in summer in labs all through high school
Community service: at science camp, for homeless, at library, temple and volunteer UCF
Sports: Varsity tennis all 4 years in high school
Music: Piano since elementary school -won awards
Clubs: Brain bowl, Science competitions, engineering magnet freshman and sophomore year
Resident:Florida, 17 when starting college in fall 2012, skipped a grade in elementary school
Legacy: brother alumnus
Essay: excellent (according to AP English teacher about overcoming temporary illness in high school, voicing gratitude to community and tying to future goals)
Admissions at other colleges: UMiami EA admit with Deans scholarship, FSU, UCF, NCF</p>

<p>I also have a couple of question regarding freshman profile on UF website:
In admission rates by GPA - is it the GPA at the end of junior year(likely?) or the final GPA at the end of senior year?
In admission rates by strength of schedule - is it the number of academic courses or is it the number of academic credits and is this number at the end of junior year or the number at the end of senior year(likely)?</p>

<p>I have read so many posts and am amazed at all the info everybody is willing to share. Thank you and good luck to all of you and I hope you get into your college of choice.</p>

<p>Truly, being on pins and needles is mind-boggling at times. Especially for parents! Take a deep breath and wait for tomorrow. Breathe... I'm surprised there aren't "school" parties going on for people sitting around their computers awaiting results. Or maybe there are and I haven't heard of them.
Excellent SAT. Great EC. Improved GPA. sounds great! Good luck!</p>

<p>Don't know the answers to your questions, but I think your son has a great chance of getting in!
---Mom of 2 Gators</p>

<p>gouf78 and jankrav - i hope you are right and i really do appreciate your taking the time to respond! we will know by this time tomorrow! and i will let you know what happens! thanks again!</p>

<p>i like all of it but why is his weighted so low. I have a 4.61 and im nervous lol</p>

<p>He is in! hurray ! thanks again for all your input! I really do appreciate it!</p>