last minute chance... plz :)

<p>Hello people... i just want to prepare myself for the decision...</p>

<p>here are my stats and others...
(even though i live in california, since i don't have citizneship(visa) I count as international applicant... if that affects my chance...)</p>

<p>GPA : 3.98 UW, 4.5 W
SAT I: R630, M780, W660 (2070)
SAT II: M2C 770, BIO 730, KOR 800
TOEFL: 108</p>

1. English 1 A/A
2. Algebra 2 H A/B
3. Biology H A/A
4. Health A
5. Media Assistant A
6. PE A/A
7. Japanese 1 A/A
8. Choir A/A</p>

1. English 2 A/A
2. Trig H/Pre-calc H A/A
3. Chemistry H A/A
4. PE A/A
5. Japanese 2 A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Media Assistant A
8. Science Research A</p>

1. English 3 A/A
2. Calculus BC AP A/A
3. Biology AP A/A
4. Psychology A/A
5. Japanese 3H A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Science Research A/A</p>

1. English 4
2. Multi-variable Calculus
3. Physics C AP
4. Japanese 4
5. Choir
6. Economics AP / Government
7. Statistics AP</p>

<p>summer classes: world history A/A, us history A/A</p>

<p>Volunteer: local hospital 1 and 1/2 years, local retirement housing 3yrs, Key club 1 yr, Drama therapy camp for autistic children summer (total 260+)</p>

<p>Leadership: founder and president of school UNICEF club, president of korean students association, secretary of japanese honor society</p>

1. played golf (private lesson) for 4 yrs
2. flute (private lesson) for about 10 yrs
3. local science fair
4. CSF for all 4 yrs
5. AP scholar
6. Japanese National Honor Society
7. Tri-M (Music Honoro Society)
8. Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
9. JSA memeber
10. Key club member
11. Summer camp at Northwestern University (CTD)</p>

<p>REC's good...
essay pretty good...
interview went well (made sure that nu is my first choice and that i'll go no matter what if i get in ...) </p>

<p>I know my sat 1 score and extracurricular activities are weak... but please chance me...</p>

<p>for northwestern i have legacy (FAR..... legacy)... my uncle was in NU graduate school for more than 10 yrs... (hmmm... i wonder why lol) <--- if legacy matters</p>

<p>oh i'm weinberg undecided major</p>

<p>match... wouldn't be surprised to see you get in, but likewise wouldn't be surprised to see you not get in... 50/50 probably...</p>

<p>^^I agree.</p>

<p>thanx :) anybody else...?</p>

<p>You are a strong candidate, but I have a few questions:
How can your weighted GPA be a 4.5? Is that supposed to be on a 5.0 scale or the traditional 4.0? On the latter, an A+ would be either a 4.33 or a 4.4 (depending on the system), so I don't get the 4.5.
Did you take the Calc and Bio AP exams last year? If so, how did you do? If not, why not? (Your AP Scholar reference suggests you must have.)
Your ECs are underwhelming and you are not any sort of "legacy" in the ordinary sense of the term, but I think that your transcript is so impressive you have an excellent shot.
Good luck.</p>

<p>ok i was little not sure about my gpa cause it has been so long time... i kinda guestimated... ok this is my real GPA</p>

<p>W 4.54
UW 3.98</p>

<p>our school counts regular A as 4 and honors or ap A as 5.
and yes i took 3 ap exams as junior, calc bc, bio, and psy...
i got 4 on bio E and calc bc, and 5 for psy.. not THAT impressive.... lol</p>

<p>and... one of the interviewer for northwestern who i've know since i was 7th grade, wrote a recommendation letter for me... if that affects...
and ya lol i know my EC's are kinda pathetic... </p>

<p>anybody else has an idea about my chance?? ... u can be honest and realistic.... lol</p>

<p>I think your SAT I's are a tad on the low side, but your transcript more than makes up for it. Good luck!</p>

match... wouldn't be surprised to see you get in, but likewise wouldn't be surprised to see you not get in... 50/50 probably...


<p>i sort of agree, but since you are asian without some kind of a hook i'd put it closer to 40/60. Applying ED would have been that hook.. you said you would go no matter what if you got in.. i know this isn't much help now but for other applicants in this position, consider applying ED!</p>

<p>I'm not so sure it'd be a 50/50 chance, if you are counted as an international applicant. It actually brings down your chances substantially to be one, so NU may be a reach to slight reach. Anyhow, you still have a good chance! Good luck :)</p>