Last Minute EA/ED Insider Tips - Exclusive ASK ME ANYTHING w/ U. Chicago on Thu, Oct 27 from 1-2pm ET

We are super excited to announce another exclusive live forum event featuring Justin Klein (a.k.a. @JustinAdmUChicago), Associate Director of Admissions at University of Chicago.

The event will take place here in the comments section below on Thursday, Oct 27 from 1-2pm ET.

With most of the EA/ED deadlines just a few days/weeks away, this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and get last minute tips and suggestion from an admissions insider.

The AMA is FREE for all registered users. If you don’t have an account yet, REGISTER NOW!

Make sure to submit questions for the live event by commenting below. Also, fill out the poll below and let us know why you’re excited about this event.

**Please note that the event will cover only admissions or student life related questions, anything off topic will be dismissed and comments may be removed.

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Why are you interested in this event w/ University of Chicago?
  • planning to apply EA/ED
  • planning to apply EA to U. Chicago
  • planning to apply ED to U. Chicago
  • planning to apply to U. Chicago in the future
  • interested in getting my admissions question answered by a top school

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My questions:
What are the most popular student clubs or extracurriculars on campus?
What would most students say the most unique thing about UChicago is?
How popular is the English and Creative Writing minor?

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Do you publish data on the % of EA students who defer to ED2 who then get admitted?

Will students be at a disadvantage if they don’t submit AP and SAT scores?


Is there a level below which an SAT score would hurt an applicant?


How important is the video profile? Also if I exceed the 2 minute limit to lets say 2 minutes 10 seconds then will I be penalised?

What is the ED1 acceptance rate? I guess from similar schools that is around 20% but haven’t been able to find any hard figures.

How much does 4 consecutive years of a sport matter?

Do AO’s take into account scheduling conflicts?

What were the best essays you’ve read about? Also, can you give us some last minute tips for the application?


Via reddit:

What %age of the incoming class is admitted under binding plans (ED + ED2) on average?


Can I apply as a first-year international if I’m a freshman at another American university? If so, do my credits transfer?

Does UChicago look at the unweighted or Weighted GPA?

Is it the rigor of courses an important factor in choosing one applicant over the other or the GPA beyond a certain threshold? What is the minimum threshold?

Does UChicago recalculate the grades of core classes to get an idea of the applicant’s capabiliities?

If my video profile is not the best then will it be penalised?

How can I make my application stand out? Can you give me some last minute tips?

Hello, thank you so much for this opportunity to ask you questions!
I’m currently debating whether I should submit an SAT score of 1510 (750 EBRW / 760 Math). Should I submit it or go test-optional? Also, should the video introduction be submitted by the deadline, or c

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Also, should the video introduction be submitted by the November 1st deadline, or is it okay to submit it a couple of days late?

I have a 3 on two AP exams unrelated to my desired major. Should I still send scorse or submit them?