Last minute essay details

<p>Last minute i kno....</p>

<p>For the past week i couldnt bring myself to let my essays rest, and i wrote countless versions of them. The problem i find is that i cannot get my ideas and personality across the essay without going past the word limit.</p>

<p>My essay lenghts are: 280, 446, and 297. I cant seem to get that last essay any shorter, and so need a quick outside opinion on whether i should keep shortening, or leave as is.</p>

<p>please guys, the voice... the voice in the back of my mind wont leave me alone. It calls to me "shorten... too long.... have to... shorten" lol</p>

<p>they're fine...for the 250 ones, less than 300 won't be a problem and I don't think even 550-575 would be a prob for the 500 one...</p>

<p>As long as they're well-written, that is</p>

<p>thanx, i just needed to hear that from someone else</p>