Last Minute Score Report Question

<p>Hopefully someone can help me here. I have a question about score reporting to Yale. On the Common App, it asks for the best scores in each category for the ACT, and there is room for two ACT tests on the Yale supplement. The problem is I took the ACT four times, so there isn't room for every one of my subscores, even though all of my testing dates are listed (if that makes any sense). I sent in one official score report. Do I need to send a complete list of composite scores and subscores for every test date, and if so, where do I send it?</p>

<p>Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>Send in one or two of your best ACT results. If they need to see the rest, they'll request it as long as you reported it on your application. If you use any test from a testing agency (ACT or SAT) you must report all tests from that agency. If cost is not an issue and you want to lay this to rest, just request / send all the ACT test scores ($10 each). Yale will use the best from one of the sittings (no ACT super scoring). Yale requires only ACT with writing OR SAT reasoning test with two SAT 2 subject test. If you are using ACT with writing, no SAT 2 subject tests required. Yale appears to be the only Ivy that has this "simpler" requirement</p>