Last quarter school change!

<p>Hey everyone, I'm new to this thread.
I have some trouble recently because my cc just canceled the course for spring which is a prereq for my major. I need to take it at another cc and what should I do to notice UCs? I have no idea,really needa help! thank you!</p>

<p>Call admissions and inform them directly.</p>

<p>wait until decisions come out, it shouldn’t matter if your taking the same classes. As long as your requirements are being fulfilled.</p>

<p>^Wrong answer. You put yourself in jeopardy of being rescinded with any sort of differentiation between your reported grades and your actual transcript. If you want to guarantee the change won’t affect your admissions status in any way, you try to be forthcoming with any deviations as soon as possible. </p>

<p>It could be that it doesn’t have an affect on your decision, but why would you even risk it? It’s not like it takes a tremendous amount of effort to make a 5 min call to admissions.</p>

<p>You can call them and tell them your situation…but you should really just to see if you get the course. Then you can update your TAU. That is what they will tell you to do anyways if it’s not a major change.</p>