Last questions before registering for classes

Okay, so after talking with the honors counselor, I’m questioning whether or not to take pre-calc since it’s not related to the poli sci transfer, so my question is, should I take MATH 165- intro to stats, PSY 103-Elementary Stat,or both? neither of these are listed under the poli sci transfer to UCLA on, but both fulfill the IGETC. on it shows that stats doesn’t have a course articulated at my school, it must be completed at UCLA, but would finishing a similar course like PSY 103 or Math 165 show that I’m putting effort into at least trying to fulfill the requirements? should I take a stats class at mt sac along with a poli sci class that does count toward fulfilling the requirements? Thanks!!!

I could be wrong (not a Poli Sci major), but if it’s not articulated, I don’t see why you would take it. You’d have to retake it once you arrived at UCLA. While petitioning for credit is always an option, I’m not sure how successful you would be, considering that petitions aren’t guaranteed. I would really recommend contacting the Political Science department at UCLA to see what their undergraduate advisors say about this, because they’ll know better than we will, and they’ll also likely know more info than the students who answer the phone for admissions. If you want to take an additional class, you may want to take a Poli Sci course that isn’t involved in major prep, but is still transferable.

EDIT: Navigated onto the Poli Sci transfer page on the admissions page and found this: “Note: All statistics courses used towards meeting the requirement for this major must be approved courses. Check the articulation agreements on ASSIST to see if your college offers an approved statistics course.”

^Agree, but with one caveat.

OP if you are choosing between pre calc and stats to satisfy IGETC, do stats. I found it to be much easier than stats, and you’ll be prepared for the stats you have to take at UCLA.

I think he already completed IGETC. It was a convoluted post that I had to keep re reading, but I think he’s just trying to see how he can help himself prepare/satisfy a psych stats req. if that is the case, I tend to agree with @apocalypso.

@luckie1367 you mean much easier than calc? @lindyk8 sorry about that…no this is my first semester.

Oops, I meant easier than pre-calc

@lindyk8 btw I don’t go to Mt SAC, at least not yet, Mt SAC has the stats class and an extra poli sci class that I would need to fulfill the major requirements on That’s why I asked if I should take 2 classes at a different school.

I’m still confused as to what you’re asking exactly. :expressionless:

If the UCLA stats is lower division, take the class that’s most similar to it. There’s a pretty good chance you can petition to get it articulated after you transfer if the classes actually cover the same material.