Last Year's CC Acceptances

<p>I was bored during spring break, please remember this while reading on.</p>

<p>As I took count of in 2011's RD Results thread, 32 members were accepted to Harvard. Of those, 30 reported their SAT scores, having an average of a 2260. Six Applicants reported an ACT score, for an average of a 33.</p>

<p>I am not saying if you have a 2260+ your accepted, so don't give me that, I just did this for fun. If someone could find out how many applicants CC had last year it would be even better though. I was going to count all the rejected/waitlisted, but I figured a lot of the rejected wouldn't come back to post it.</p>

<p>Like all good schools, the formula is to get 2300+ SAT, 780+ SATII, most rigorous schedule (possibly convince counselor to manipulate schedule to take more APs) 3.9+ UW, and top 5 of class. After establishing that baseline, you should do whatever it takes to increase your chances. I think a lot of people get so distracted by other stuff such as community service that they end up sacrificing their grades, which is much more important than anything else.</p>

<p>nice. i got a 2260 exactly.</p>

<p>thanks for sifting through all that data!</p>

<p>780+ SAT II? Is that an average, or you should have all of your scores above 780?
Because that sounds much tougher than 2300+ SAT I (superscored, right?)</p>

<p>Well, I believe most people view SAT II's as easier as if you take AP Chem I guess it translates into the Chem Subject test. I never had the option to take AP's though so I wouldn't know for sure, just going off of what I've heard.<br>
Again if anyone could find how many applicants CC had last year that would be excellent.</p>

<p>wow.....I am 2290 but I'm not going to get my hopes up......xD</p>

<p>If I get time tommorrow I'll go back through and find the average SAT of those rejected, that could be very interesting.</p>

<p>If I am accepted,
I will post my GPA and SAT scores.</p>

<p>I will hear screams of "URM! AA!" and it will be hilarious.
Because I am not an URM >:3</p>

grades, which is much more important than anything else.



<p>yeah, i love irony.</p>

<p>I'm screwed because my g.p.a is a 2.000019 and SAT's were in the 340-360 range</p>

<p>At least I got 450 on an SAT II</p>

<p>I think its more appropriate to use a CR+M of 1500+ and a 700+ in Writing rather than an across-the-board 2300+</p>

<p>^^ I agree with laststopforme</p>

<p>but what do I know... I'll just stop trying to read Harvard's mind.</p>

<p>The thing to remember with these stats is, the people who come to CC are not exactly "normal"... I say that as someone who has been addicted to these forums for a week, straight.
People posting their stats doesn't mean that was HARVARD's average.</p>

<p>christ, does anyone not have a 3.9+ uw gpa in that thread?</p>

<p>First, I agree with laststopforme, especially since colleges at the moment are a bit iffy on the writing section.</p>

<p>Second, grades ARE the most important thing. Of course, other factors bear weight, but when it comes down to it, grades are the most important factor. If you have a 4.0 UW little community service, you'll get in over a 3.9 UW with more (except of course, profound examples, such as forming your own charity, or the like). Best case scenario is to excel at all of them.</p>

<p>Everything is subjective, but that's the general case, (un)fortunately depending on point of view.</p>

<p>edit: I also believe munchkin is right. The average is probably lower, since people on CC are generally more concerned with these matters. Despite this fact, you should probably have those stats or higher if you want a good shot. Again, best of luck.</p>

<p>More stats now:
17 2011 Students reported that they were waitlisted.
43 2011 Students reported that they were rejected.
As I said before 32 were accepted.</p>

<p>This puts CC's Harvard acceptance rate at 35%. (I know this isn't completely accurate). </p>

<p>Of the rejected people 25 posted their stats. Their average SAT score was a 2242.8. Slightly below that of those accepted.
Hmm, still bored. Thoughts?</p>

<p>here's one.</p>

<p>i read an article earlier today about how the need to constantly fill every moment with activity of some sort (music while driving, talking on the phone while using the computer) is resulting in the death of boredom, which, the author writes, is a bad thing, because it is when we are bored that we are most introspective. I have adopted this philosophy in awaiting decisions, and am seeking to make the most out of my waiting.</p>

<p>of course, as i write this, i have music playing and four tabs open. so, you see how this is working out for me. :)</p>

If I am accepted,
I will post my GPA and SAT scores.</p>

<p>I will hear screams of "URM! AA!" and it will be hilarious.
Because I am not an URM >:3


What makes you so sure you will be accepted? I think it will be quite hilarious when you post f*** Harvard when you get rejected. I am actually looking forward to it.</p>

<p>Hey, now, relax!
I was merely joking: I know I won't be accepted.</p>

<p>Though, neither will you.</p>

<p>And, if I were you, I would do something about that fetish for wanting other people to fail =(</p>

<p>the post starts with the very conditional word "if."</p>

<p>he/she is not "so sure" of anything. if anything, that post seemed quite self-deprecating and humble to me. </p>

<p>by contrast, you used the far more certain word, "when." what makes you "so sure" he'll be rejected?</p>

<p>in conclusion, quit being an ass.</p>