Last year's decisions

<p>Wishing everyone good luck as decision time approaches! </p>

<p>Though everyone would appreciate knowing that last year the decisions were online by early evening on the 30th & a big mailed packet arrived (NC) about 4-5 days later.</p>


<p>I thought they went up on the 24th last year?</p>

<p>i wonder why they are waiting so late if they are waiting until the 31st?
yes, i know that all schools say 31st but my regional admissions person for vandie is saying 25th and a few others have already accepted me rd. i wanted to visit again before i made up my mind for sure and it makes it more difficult to plan when decisions might not come until April. I am not sure i will believe an online decision (their info online seems a little off). i want it in writing!</p>