Late AP Calculus AB (May 19th)

<p>Those that took it, whatd you think?</p>

<p>Thought everything non-calc was easier than calc. MC as a whole seemed fairly easy. FR also didnt seem bad, only struggled a bit wit a few parts.</p>

<p>Noncalc FRQs destroyed me. Everything else was fine. Hopefully still got a 5.</p>

<p>non calc MC was really easy , more than i expected…</p>

<p>calc MC was harder , guessed 8 =P…</p>

<p>calc FR was easier and doabler than the non calc FR</p>

<p>i gues i can get the 3 i was looking for hah…with look and a curve , 4</p>

<p>Non-calculator multiple choice were too time consuming in my opinion, even though about 5 of them were repeats off old AP exams. The computations just took too long as compared to the non-calculator multiple choice from past released exams. Guessed on about 3 or 4 questions after eliminating some choices, mostly because I ran out of time to find the exact answers.</p>

<p>Calculator multiple choice questions were a piece of cake, and I finished with about 10 minutes left over. One question was posing problems for me so I spent the remaining 10 minutes attempting to solve it and still didn’t arrive at a correct answer. Oh well.</p>

<p>Calculator FRQ were okay, except I used two methods that should have given me the same answer for one of the parts in Question 1 and instead they gave me different answers so I had to stick to one method. I hope I chose the right one. Question 2 had an unconventional part that really annoyed me because I had never seen a question like the one they asked, but whatever.</p>

<p>Non-calculator FRQ were easier for me, although question 3 was horrible. I was only able to do the first part of it, but even that I think I did wrong. I BS’d the rest of Question 3 with the time I had left (left it for last since it was the hardest one). Question 4 was a godsend; it was straightforward and to the point. Questions 5 and 6 felt similar to each other for me, even though they were different. They asked slightly unconventional questions in some parts but for the most part, I felt pretty comfortable with them, moreso than 1 and 2 (and 3 obviously, but that was a disaster) but not as comfortable as with 4.</p>

<p>I thought the test was quite difficult, even though it was the AP I worked the hardest for and studied the hardest for all year, and the AP I enjoyed the most. I had a bad feeling that the topic Question 3 tested was going to be on the AP test. When we reviewed for AP tests, I specifically mentioned wanting more review on that topic, but I guess we didn’t do enough. I think the test tested all the topics fairly, although there were two topics we spent a lot of time on and are usually a big part of the AP Exam, making appearances very often in the FRQ, but yet made appearances only once on the actual exam, as single multiple choice. My teacher thinks I’m a shoe-in for a 5 as do most of my friends and classmates, but I don’t know. I think I got at least a 4, considering that 60% right nets you a 4 usually.</p>

<p>Does collegeboard release the FR for late tests? Can we discuss them at this point?</p>

<p>^ No and no.</p>