Late application to FlU for new foreign resident.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been living in Florida for 6 months now and my original plan was to enroll in FIU for an anthropology degree. But things turned out a little bit more complicated than I expected when I decided to apply to the same community college as my cousin and I’m taking one class this semester. They made me take an English test and placed me in EAP classes so basically I will spend at least a year taking English classes before being able to take college level classes. But that is not the main problem. I hate that community college, and it would be better for me to avoid all the transfer process later on so my plan was to just apply at FIU or other reputable colleges in South Florida for next fall but I wonder if it’s not too late now. Does the FIU also have English Second language programs? What is the process for someone who lives in Florida but who never studied in the US or any other English-speaking country?

Thank you for your help