Late Application?

<p>i just got an email today from a school that said I need another supplementary recommendation. what do i do? is it too late to not apply? i love the school and it's one of my top choices but i don't have anyone to ask to do a rec. I intentionally only applied to schools that didn't require recs from non-teachers.</p>

<p>There is NO one? Really? Coach? Music teacher? Rabbi or pastor? Friend of the family? It seems like as shame to give up on the whole application for this...</p>

<p>The same thing happened to me!! I just immediately emailed a family friend and a music teacher the reccs and got them in within 3 days. Don't give up though!!!</p>

<p>Do you babysit, or do yard work for anyone? Have you had any part-time jobs? Coaches? Any adult you've met through community service?</p>