Late Applications...?

<p>I need some insight on late applications. My NMH application was recorded as complete on Feb. 2 (when the deadline was the 1st). Mercersburg is still missing my personal recommendation (they said that they don't necessarily NEED this, but they would definitely like to have it). Lawrenceville's application was also just complete today (it took some time for my recommendations to get there). Am I not going to be receiving a decision on March 10th for any of these schools, considering that I missed the deadline? Also, I mailed my application for Dana Hall on the 1st (the day it was due). They just received it and are saying that my application is complete. This was also in the email:</p>

<p>"The application deadline was February 1. However, Dana Hall continues to evaluate new applications on a rolling basis, after the deadline, depending on availability of space. If your application is not complete, please submit any missing application parts, including the required test scores, as soon as possible. Also, if you have not scheduled or completed your interview, please contact us after all application parts have been submitted, to schedule a campus visit or phone interview."</p>

<p>Does that mean I won't be receiving a decision on March 10th?</p>

<p>The only way to know for sure what your status is: Ask The Schools!</p>

<p>No - if most of your application is in on time, they understand the adults you asked to send recommendations may be stragglers. Also, some schools were inundated at the deadline which means they have been sorting through bins of mail to get the components into the right file. Don't worry about it unless materials never arrive in which case the school may or may not waive those.</p>

<p>Schools with rolling admission work differently and may or may not give a decision on March 10th. Once your application is complete, it would be worth a call to see when decisions are made.</p>