Late Bloomer

<p>I haven't really cared about school for a while. I just thought i'd stumble along into some high paying job in the future. very stupid I know. I've just recently buckled down and am working hard and am surprising my self. My first 2 semesters freshman year and 1st semester sophomore year i've received a 2.88 gpa. Not good. So far now i'm receiving a 3.8 this semester and am taking a couple more AP classes next year and even more my senior year. If I do as well as i'm doing lately and continue to work hard will colleges take into consideration my improvement?</p>

<p>Yes, colleges will take into consideration your improvement.</p>

<p>And do freshman and sophomore year affect colleges decisions that heavily?</p>


<p>If it was only freshman, you shoukd be okay. If you're getting 2.0s in sophomore year, that can be cause for concern, but either way colleges will recognize improvement. Regardless though, they will prefer someone who has a consistent record.</p>

<p>Aim for 4.2s and As in your AP classes. I know how you feel since I was in your position too. I got Ds and Fs freshmen year but now I am doing fine.</p>

If I do as well as i'm doing lately and continue to work hard will colleges take into consideration my improvement?


Sure, especially if you show initiative. That doesn't depend entirely on academics, that's why extracurriculars are a contributing factor. If you show them you've changed, show them you've changed in more ways than one. But regardless, an upward trend is always a good thing. They admit the student you are, not the one you were.</p>


<p>Freshman year is usually considered a transition year (the guidance counselors have even said this a few times). I will be looked at, but most won't pay much attention to it and some even will take it out of the GPA. everything after is important. </p>

<p>I had a terrible freshman year (apparently most people at my school do). First half of sophomore wasn't so great either, but it's been basically straight A's since.</p>

<p>Obviously consistently doing well looks better than even a drastic improvement. However, improvement is good too (may even be something to put into the essay, I'm planning on it at least.)</p>

<p>Take weighted classes, do well, and it should be all good :)</p>

<p>oh definitely</p>

<p>some colleges don't even llok at freshman grades</p>