Late blooming GPA

I’ve had trouble in school yet, I’ve improved a lot in my senior year. Although that doesn’t really affect my GPA it still shows something. Apparently I really didn’t care about school till abou 11th grade and I have around a 78/100 overall GPA, yet this year I have high 90’s in every class.

I have 1280 SAT (590 Math, 690 Verbal), 560 Writing, 560, Literature, 640 Us History SAT II’s.

Also I have a school sport of bowling for 3 years, am editor of the school paper, have tons of community service and leadership (teach religious ed, am part of church planning teams, help out in the local headstart during my lunch everyday etc.)

What kind of colleges do you think I could get into with that? I know nothing really great, but I’d really like some peoples opinions on it.

<p>Don't give up all hope.Try to package yourself in whatever the best way is. Last two year's GPA of 3.0 ? GPA of 3.0 in science , maybe? English? You do the math and I'll bet you will look better than you think. Make the numbers highlight what you want to stress to the schools. By all means ,learn all you can about a school and wow them in the interview and write a dy-no-mite essay. A 1280 is higher than the median score at all but the top hundred schools in the U.S.Litrerally. Many ,many fantastic schools exist at the under 1280 median SAT mark, with 3 of my D's absolute favorite colleges falling in that category. Tell us more about your wishes. Someone will come up with something that knocks your socks off. Promise.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm still kinda in an odd situation. I'm taking a lower level math this year because I suck at math and no science. Instead of the science, I'm taking english and social studies courses that I'm interested in (Sociology, War and Diplomacy, Journalism, Creative Writing). I don't know how this will look at colleges, but I will have 3 math credits, 3 science, 5 english, and 6½ social studies.</p>

<p>I can't help it, I'm taking what interests me and may be something I want to do in college. </p>

<p>Major wise, I've been all over, still not quite too sure. I'd like to have a good college for english, for creative writing, yet I've seriously thought about majoring in psychology.</p>

<p>Basically I'd like to get into a decent liberal arts college.</p>

<p>Bard would be my top choice, but with my grades and such as the are, I don't think I have a chance at the moment.</p>

<p>bump this up.</p>

<p>"write a dy-no-mite essay."</p>

<p>Oh-so-very true. </p>

<p>I don't know how not taking a science course would look...</p>

<p>What colleges are you looking into?</p>

<p>I would attach a separate piece of paper possibly outlining your drastic GPA increase. If it has some validity, that is.</p>

<p>Curmudgeon has the best advice for you. Where you can (interviews, essays, cover letters) you should emphasize the positives (your interests in humanities and social science courses, your strong upward GPA trend, your 690 SAT Verbal score) in your application. </p>

<p>Two other thoughts. . .enlist the aid of your school counselor, both in identifying some good schools for you and even more importantly, generating good, on-message recommendations. Recommendations can be important at LACs, and if they reflect and amplify the positives in your application material it could go a long way. Also, it will help you to visit and interview at schools you are interested in. That can be time-consuming and expensive, but do what you can to get to the schools you are most interested in and have a decent chance of acceptance.</p>

<p>I almost hate to make this suggestion, but something to consider. . .strong SAT II or AP scores could bolster your case, though it is getting a little late in the game for registering and studying for them. (Late registration deadline for SAT IIs is Nov 10 for an early December test date.) 600+ scores on SAT IIs and AP 4s and 5s would be nice additions to your application. But you need to make sure you could do well on any tests you select, by trying some practice tests from review books and talking with your teachers. Finally, don't do this if this would take too much time away from your regular studying. You need to keep your current semester grades the #1 priority, especially given your current GPA.</p>

<p>Not sure if location means anything, but assuming an eastern one, here are some very good LACs that would be matches or slight reaches for you. Several of them are profiled in books by Loren Pope: College of Wooster, Muhlenberg, Knox, Allegheny, Goucher and Hope. Luther College in Iowa would also be worth a look.</p>

<p>I was unaware that I could sign up for AP exams on my own, if I knew that, I would have taken the US AP last year. We have state testing in NY and I got 98 on the state test.</p>

<p>I'm definitely meeting with my counselor about this.</p>

<p>I have the same problem....I have pretty decent grades this year (my senior year) but i had a couple of crappy grades last year (Physics and A.P. Language)...My college has an average of 3.2 and if i count my senior year's grades, my G.P.A will be a higher than that. However, I am still going to apply....if my senior year fall semester's grades count. My college does not require an essay or SAT II's, however, i took them both to increase my chances of getting in. Many feel that I will not get in a Cal State (the school that I am applying to)...but I am still going to....after all, if you get in, it is worth it.</p>