Late-night studying

<p>Does dim lighting or a strong light shaded over by the dark affect your eyes? Which is better? Dont know if this question is vague, but I'm typing this at a late time of night and this just made me wonder.</p>

<p>I believe dim lighting has an adverse least thats what I was always told</p>

<p>Any amount of light affects you. Stronger light affects you more than dimmer light.</p>

<p>However, what's more important is the makeup (or quality) of the light. Higher color temperatures (more towards the blues) tend to affect your cicardian rhythm more than lower color temperatures.</p>

<p>So, if you study with a reddish light, you're minimizing impact, whereas if you study with a blueish light, your body will think the day's longer.</p>

<p>I personally study with very bright high color temperature lights because when I study at night, I mean it. Yes, this will vastly affect my sleeping patterns, but I prefer to be at my maximum awareness level while studying. I can always catch up on the sleep later.</p>

<p>Yes. As excelblue said, if you're aiming to study for a good bit of the night and skip sleep, invest in a high-coloured (trending toward blue) fluorescent light bulb. These things are terrific for staying up late as they tend to make your body forget that it's nighttime and trick your mind into thinking it's still day & that therefore you do not need to sleep yet.</p>

<p>^This is definitely going to come in handy for me :D</p>