Late orientation

Hi there,
I’m going to be out of town for the majority of the month of June, so I must attend orientation (attending Florida State University) the second week of July. I’m pretty nervous that most of the classes/times that I want will be filled by then. I am bringing in about 30 credits and I’m majoring in biological studies. Is this a legitimate concern or should I be fine?


You’ll likely be fine. Many schools only let freshmen enroll in a couple of classes during orientation, or hold spots for later freshmen registrations. Then you have openings during the drop / add period. And, finally you have the under-utilized but effective practice of attending the first day of class, finding the professor after class, and asking if you could possibly add her course. BUT if you want an easy, concrete answer, call the freshman orientation coordinator or registrar at your school. That’s your job now. Enjoy your freshman year!

Thank you!!

Often colleges save a % of class spots for each orientation session.
But if you will be taking Bio 101 then there will be much competition for that class from Bio majors and pre-meds
I agree…call and see what you can do.

I passed the AP Bio exam with a 4; I received 6 credits so I don’t think I have to take bio 101! I also passed AP Lang with a 5, so I don’t have to take ENC 1101 or 1102. Are there any other classes with major demand? I’ve heard those are the classes with the most demand. I also received credit for statistics, psychology and apush.