Late PROFILE.. what should i do now?

<p>i am kinda freaked out, since I missed deadlines for PROFILE...</p>

<p>Georgia Tech and Cal Tech wanted it by October 15th, and I found out
couple days later. of course, I freaked out and didnt do anything.
but i guess i gotta do something, specially asking experts(CCers :-) for what to do.</p>

<p>is there a way that I can still get financial aid??</p>

<p>p.s : how long does PROFILE (and FAFSA) take to fill out???</p>

<p>Get cracking on the PROFILE right now. Fill it out with a parent using estimated numbers from the last tax form you have, adjusting where you know things are different. Get it in the mail immediately. You then will have a head start in filling out the FAFSA.</p>

<p>yes. thanx for a reply and i am filling it now.</p>

<p>however i just faced a problem.
although my father is self-employed, i got a free lunch from school.
but as soon as i click "YES" for "is either parents self-employed",
"free lunch" box is disappeared. i dont know what to do ... T_T
(i hope just "self-employed" implies "earning more money"..
because my father doesn't .. )</p>

<p>quick reply is needed plz</p>

<p>also another concern, althought not a big deal.. maybe
i thought Collegeboard's going to charge money after i fill out all form
and (heard) that they will waive fees if financial situation according to PROFILE
is low.. but it looks like they are going to charge my parents NOW (as registering it)
are they going to refund if later i become to qualify for a waive???</p>


<p>Dreaming, I'm also applying to GAtech. I don't see when the PROFILE is needed. Do they even require it for financial aid? Please respond.</p>