Late SIR request?

<p>How often do late SIR's go through? Because they were admitted to the school, maybe they just were on vacation or their internet was down or something. And if they were able to accommodate them before, it shouldn't be much of a problem to get back in?.. What are your thoughts?</p>

<p>When you don't send your SIR by time they assume you aren't going there and your spot is given to a waitlist student. Though then again it depends on the school bu for UCD it would be a big problem, since they took in lots of waitlist students already. I think would have to be a pretty good reason for them to accept a late SIR because I'm sure they assume they give enough time to decide on the college and account for any problems. I think it would require a good deal of convincing for it to happen</p>

<p>Yea, because I know someone who got off the wait-list and sent in their SIR but then they later saw they had an email saying it was cancelled. They tried finding information online and found several accounts of people sending in late SIRs and getting into the school. They emailed the operations manager and explained the situation where they had no intentions on cancelling it and it may have been due to technical difficulties.</p>

<p>^oh the waitlist 3 day thing? I thought you meant for regular admission. I'm still confused about what happen to the person....did they send the SIR on time but for some reason it was late or did they just forget ant it turned out late? If they did send it on time and Davis for some reason received it late that can most likely be proven by email and the SIR deposit date. For the latter I would be shocked that the website didn't automatically reject as soon as the deadline passed.
I'm sure that if it was technical issues and the person is persistent and does not accept "no" they can get a spot.</p>

<p>Yea, 3 days. They submitted it on time but then they did not have to pay deposit because they are EOP but then they saw it was cancelled after the deadline which is probably due to technical difficulties. Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>They still have not contacted back yet. They said it would be by the end of last week or beginning of this week. I just wanted to clarify that they DID send the SIR, but they told me they deleted it from their e-mail (AIYAH), but I'm sure UCD can probably track if they submitted the SIR. If they somehow are still rejected, do you think they could fight it saying that they did submit the SIR, but it somehow got cancelled? Would that be a reasonable basis? Is anyone else in this late SIR situation? :/</p>

<p>^wow thats bad. The email would have been good grounds for this. I'm sure that they have a way to track it down and yes fight for it....even if your grounds are a grain of salt fight with them to get your spot back.</p>